Chronic pain, women's diseases, it's all in our heads?

Hi Jezzies, this is written from my phone. Please forgive any errors. Yesterday in response to the article "Breaking: Man admits that men simply don't trust women" by Tracy Moore, I responded that I see this mistrust of women in my interactions with Doctors. My own GP of now 29 years and his colleagues were initially dismissive of my strange tailbone pain, colds around my period (which were never contagious) and unbearable cramps, oh right and the mysterious 8-11 lbs of water weight every 3 weeks. It was only after I did years of research, tracked my symptoms and talked to other women my age who do not suffer monthly as I do, I found a disease that sounded like it made sence: Endometriosis. I took my research to my GP and he gave me,a referral for a doc I had chosen. When I made my appointment with her, I was so afraid I would be dismissed again, I asked my mom to come. My mom knows less about the disease than I do. But at least she's an adult, because at 26 I apparently was not.

Turns out I did have endo. The thing about the disease is it never goes away. You can treat and manage symptoms but not the disease. I have developed IBS and IC and also major nerve problems in the last 3 years.


Anyway, many other Jezzies resonated with what I said and had their own horror stories to tell. I'm writing this to ask you to come here and share share share. Curse and be angry, but also be supportive to each other and who knows, you might have the same diagnosis as someone else, maybe we can all help one another feel some relief.

Or don't! Just know there are other readers with awful problems many of which are ongoing and painful.


'You are fabulous creatures, each and every one. And I bless you: More Life.' ~ Angels in America

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